This is the biggest noun group, comprising 18 different word endings as signals for the feminine German article “die”:  You’ll not only learn what these endings are –(-heit / – keit / -ion / -ung / -kunft / -thek and more), but I’ll explain to you also a mnemotechnique to make these noun endings stick to your memory.


1. Video

2. Video script

Here you can download the video script in pdf format.

3. Noun lists

EuleMitBuchBelow you find pdf documents with names of frequent trees and flowers. Download the files and translate the words into your language. Use this table to memorize the nouns. Best practice is to transfer the nouns to flash cards and learn them using your flash card collection.

Afterwards, take the quizzes to try and test your memory.


Feminine Word Endings


Exceptions: Masculine nouns ending in -e


Nouns ending in -ei: A few examples of feminine nouns plus masculine and neuter nouns


4. Your “Feminine Noun Endings Rap” in Robotish:

Speak the rap with a nice rhythm and repeat it until it sticks!


ie ine ik thek isse
itis ive, schaft und tät
ade age, anz enz ette
heit keit ion ung kunft ur!