German Articles Course: Total Training

German Articles Course: Total Training

Anke Wellner-Kempf

Hi There and Welcome!

Are you also still struggling with the correct use of the German articles der, die, das?

Then my interactive course is the perfect solution for you: Once and for all, you will learn to use the German articles with confidence, like a native speaker.  It takes just one afternoon!


My German Articles Total Training is for you if you

oo Want to learn the use of the German Articles in a systematic way from scratch
Have already learned some of the German Article rules but are feeling overwelmed and confused
oo Find it still difficult to put all these rules into action, although you know them “in theory”

This is the most comprehensive course ever created about the use of the German article. With instructional videos, memorization techniques that show you how you can make the rules stick to your memory forever, over 100 exercises and extensive noun lists, this training leaves no stone unturned.

What’s inside this course?

There is one section dedicated to each of the German articles der, die, das.
Each section consists of videos, downloadable pdf files, learning tasks and exercises. You get:

>> 1  8 instructional videos that explain the German article rules step by step

>> 2  In addition to the rules, you will learn which words and/or word groups do not fall under the rules

>> 3  Tasks I assign to you will get you to memorize the rules and their exceptions so you will not be able to forget them even if you wanted to

>>4  Difficult noun groups like nouns ending in -e  or -er, or names of rivers or flowers and others are explained in detail, with many examples!

>> 5  For all the difficult word groups, you get extensive noun lists with tasks and exercises

>> 6  Over 100 interactive exercises will get you to apply the rules you’ve learned right on the spot.

>> 7  The exercises show you how you progress. Repeat them as many times as you like, until you score 100%!

>> 8  This in-depth course helps you finally to understand the essential German article rules AND provides you with extensive interactive training so you learn to apply the rules at the same time.

This course is for you if:

>> you are or have been a student of the German language for a while and feel confused by the question when to use which article …

>> you are about to learn German and want to learn the German articles right from the start …

>> you finally want clarity and certainty …

Within 3 short hours you will:

>> get a total overview over the German article rules

>> learn step by step when to use which article – and when not

>> know all or the most common exceptions from all of the word groups discussed

Repetition is the mother of knowledge! Within just 3 days of thorough exercise you will

>> have mastered all the article rules by applying the memorization techniques and taking the exercises I show you

>> have learned all the exceptions by accomplishing the tasks I assign to you

>> put your newly acquired knowledge to the test with more than 100 exercises that make you apply what you’ve learned right on the spot.

This week’s introductory offer:

22,- 17,- Euro

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This course comes with a 14 Day “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee

Course Language

Lessons and Instructions are given in English

What am I going to get?

oo 8 video lessons with detailed instructions
oo All video scripts as pdf download
oo Extensive word lists as work sheets with the most common nouns and exceptions
oo Over 100 interactive exercises
oo Lifetime acces to the entire course


This week’s introductory offer:

22,-  17,- Euro

>> Click here to buy this course now

This course comes with a 14 Day “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee


You can ask me any questions you might have, any time. I’m there to support you!

Anke Wellner-Kempf