German Articles Course: Total Training



Welcome to your course about the German Articles der, die das. Take one afternoon time to watch the videos and do the exercises I assign to you. Below you find some tips on how to proceed best.


Eule-gelb1. Follow the Navigation on the right

For best results, proceed from top to bottom, from lesson 1 to lesson 8. That way, you will follow the course’s inherent logic.

As for the navigation, please note: The section headers in CAPITAL LETTERS are not clickable. It is a wordpress-thing to show all menu items as links, even if they are not.

The menu item of the page you are currently on is highlighted in orange.


EuleMitBuch2. Within the Sections or Chapters

Each section includes one or two video lessons and one or several quiz sections that refer to the video lessons before.

I recommend you first watch the video. Please allow the video a few seconds to load. The video explains all the rules and exceptions to you.

To review its content, you can watch it again and/or download the video script from the link underneath the video.

Some lessons include extra memorization exercises or translation exercises. Make sure you do those exercises – they are “offline”-work for you. They make sure you retain larger noun groups and more comprehensive lists with exceptions. Take the quizzes only after you have done these excercises to avoid frustration.


Eule-Orange3. The Quizzes

Read the instructions carefully before taking the quizzes. There are different kinds of quizzes: single or multiple choice, drag-and-dop quizzes and fill-in-the-blank questions. You get a point for each correct answer. If a correct answer does not to be ticked, you get a point, too!