What do Museum, Ergebnis, Ultimatum, Argument, Konto and Dogma have in common? They belong to noun groups that are always or mostly neuter. You’ll not only learn the noun endings that are signals for the neuter German article “das” (and the exceptions), but you’ll also apply the mnemotechnique I explained to you earlier to memorize these noun endings quickly. Last, but not least, you will put your new knowledge to the test in the exercises I prepared for you.


1. Video:

2. Video script

Here you can download the video script in pdf format.


3. Noun lists

EuleMitBuchBelow you find pdf documents with noun tables. Download the files and translate the words into your language. Use this table to memorize the nouns. Best practice is to transfer the nouns to flash cards and use them to memorize them.

Then take the quizzes to see how well you memorize all the neuter German nouns (and their exceptions …)


 Table of nouns ending in -(t)um


Table of nouns ending in -ma


 Table of nouns ending in -ment


Table of nouns ending in -o


Table of nouns ending in -nis


4. Your “neuter noun endings rap” in Robotish:

Speak the rap with a nice rhythm and repeat it until it sticks!

“Das  ment – (t)um – ing – ma – o – nis – sal”


5. Next Step

Put your knowledge to the test with this neuter noun endings quiz.